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I was nervous to start working with a personal trainer because I was so out of shape. Hannah is so kind and genuinely happy that she instantly put my fears and self-consciousness at ease. She is encouraging but never over-bearing. I’ve been very happy with my results and I always look forward to our next session.

Kathryn H.

“Eat Pray Lift” - Just like the movies - there are some journeys that truly are life changing. I definitely credit Hannah and her training process for the success I have found during my journey to health and well-being. I rarely, in fact never, share personal stories or provide reviews thru social media. Why now? Because the dramatic change I’ve experienced as a result of having Hannah as a trainer, encourager, teacher and becoming my good friend along the way is something I wish for other women to have also. The program is tailored to me, my goals and how I can best get there. Hannah is constantly tweaking and changing the routine to make certain each session is challenging but fun and doable. Hannah is careful to make sure that I am physically able to do the work and that I understand the reason behind the workout we are doing. All I bring is a water bottle and the determination to keep working a little more each session. The work is never more than I’m ready for - and trust me - I started from a very beginner level. The program is customized so that I am always able to succeed. Hannah even comes to me! You literally cannot fail! She is amazing!

Lisa S.

Hannah is a great trainer! The workouts she creates are so fun and diverse, and she always makes sure to focus on my body goals and work through my issues. I absolutely love her as a trainer!

Lisa B.

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Hannah helps me close the knowing-doing gap! I knew I should add strength training to my post-50 exercise regimen for so many reasons but didn’t know where to start. With her guidance I’ve SAFELY added strength training into my weekly routine of hiking and yoga. Nine months in and I am stronger than ever and feeling great. Russian twists are whittling away my waistline and planks are a breeze. She pushes me to do more than I ever could on my own.

Laura T.

I have been a client of Hannah’s for several months and very happy. I am working with her on my strength, overall health, and fitness goals. In addition to our sessions, she continually advises me on proper nutrition. She has increased my weights gradually and I feel great with my progress. During our sessions I know that Hannah is fully present and makes sure my form and movements are correct. I’m determined to make significant changes in my weight am excited about the path I’m on with Hannah. Don’t miss an opportunity to work out with Heart Soul Strength Training!

Nancy F.

Hannah has been super encouraging and helpful in and outside of the gym! She has especially helped me with my form during workouts and with my nutrition.

Abby R.

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